Odoo version 16.0

  • Translations for translated fields are stored as JSONB values with #97692 and #101115. Code translations are no longer stored into the database. They become static and are extracted from the PO files when needed.

  • search_count() takes the limit argument into account with #95589. It limits the number of records to count, improving performance when a partial result is acceptable.

Odoo Online version 15.4

  • New API for flushing to the database and invalidating the cache with #87527. New methods have been added to odoo.models.Model and odoo.api.Environment, and are less confusing about what is actually done in each case. See the section SQL Execution.

Odoo Online version 15.3

Odoo Online version 15.2

  • Specific index types on fields: With #83274 and #83015, developers can now define what type of indexes can be used on fields by PostgreSQL. See the index property of odoo.fields.Field.

  • The _sequence attribute of Model is removed. Odoo lets PostgreSQL use the default sequence of the primary key. #82727

  • The method _write() does not raise an error for non-existing records. #82727

  • The column_format and deprecated attributes of Field are removed. #82727