Serial numbers and lots

Working with serial numbers and lots allows tracking your products’ movements. When products are tracked, the system identifies their location based on their last movement.

To enable traceability, go to Point of Sale ‣ Products ‣ Products. Then, select a product and check the Tracking By Unique Serial Number or the Tracking By Lots box in the Inventory tab.

Enable traceability settings

Serial numbers and lots importation

You can import serial numbers in Point of Sale. To do so, select a sales order or a quotation containing tracked products. Then, agree to load the Lots or Serial Numbers linked to the SO.

Pop-up window for serial number import

The imported tracking numbers appear below the tracked products. You can modify them by clicking on the list-view button next to the products.

Pop-up window for serial number import

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Serial numbers and lots creation

If a tracked product is available in your POS, adding the product to the cart opens a pop-up window where you can type or scan the product’s serial or lot numbers. To add more than one of the same tracked products, click on enter to validate and start a new line.

adding new serial and lots numbers


  • Changing a tracked product’s quantity using the numpad turns the list-view button red. Click on it to add the missing lot and serial numbers.

  • Lot & Serial Number(s) are required on tracked products but not mandatory. Meaning that not attributing some or any does not prevent from completing the sale.