Google Sign-In Authentication

The Google Sign-In Authentication is a useful function that allows Odoo users to sign in to their database with their Google account.

This is particularly helpful if the organization uses Google Workspace, and wants employees within the organization to connect to Odoo using their Google Accounts.


Databases hosted on should not use Oauth login for the owner or administrator of the database as it would unlink the database from their account. If Oauth is set up for that user, the database will no longer be able to be duplicated, renamed or otherwise managed from the portal.


The integration of the Google sign-in function requires configuration both on Google and Odoo.

Google API Dashboard

  1. Go to the Google API Dashboard.

  2. Make sure the right project is opened. If there isn’t a project yet, click on Create Project, fill out the project name and other details of the company, and click on Create.

    Filling out the details of a new project.


    Choose the name of the company from the drop-down menu.


  1. On the left side menu, click on Credentials.

    Credentials button menu.
  2. Click on Create Credentials, and select OAuth client ID.

    OAuth client id selection.
  3. Select Web Application as the Application Type. Now, configure the allowed pages on which Odoo will be redirected.

    In order to achieve this, in the Authorized redirect URIs field, enter the database’s domain immediately followed by /auth_oauth/signin. For example:, then click on Create.

  4. Now that the OAuth client has been created, a screen will appear with the Client ID and Client Secret. Copy the Client ID for later, as it will be necessary for the configuration in Odoo, which will be covered in the following steps.

Google Authentication on Odoo

Retrieve the Client ID

Once the previous steps are complete, two keys are generated on the Google API Dashboard: Client ID and Client Secret. Copy the Client ID.

Google OAuth Client ID generated.

Odoo activation

  1. Go to Odoo General Settings ‣ Integrations and activate OAuth Authentication.


    Odoo may prompt the user to log-in again after this step.

  2. Go back to General Settings ‣ Integrations ‣ OAuth Authentication, activate the selection and Save. Next, return to General Settings ‣ Integrations ‣ Google Authentication and activate the selection. Then fill out the Client ID with the key from the Google API Dashboard, and Save.

    Filling out the client id in Odoo settings.


    Google OAuth2 configuration can also be accessed by clicking on OAuth Providers under the OAuth Authentication heading in Integrations.

Log in to Odoo with Google

To link the Google account to the Odoo profile, click on Log in with Google when first logging into Odoo.

Reset password screen with "Log in with Google" button.

Existing users must reset their password to access the Reset Password page, while new users can directly click on Log in with Google, instead of choosing a new password.