Odoo Subscriptions is used to run recurring businesses: sell new contracts, upsell customers, keep the churn under control, and generate reports on the main KPIs: MRR, ARR, retention, churn, etc.

Subscription quotations


Sales orders with a defined recurrence become subscriptions.

To create a new subscription, click on New from the Subscription or the Sales app. You can either:

  • Select a subscription plan to prefill the quotation instantly, or

  • Fill out the quotation normally, making sure to select a recurrence and an end date if necessary and adding recurrent products.


You can define different invoice and delivery addresses by enabling the Customer Addresses feature.


Send the quotation to the customer for confirmation by clicking on Send by email, or confirm it immediately by clicking on Confirm.


Click on Customer Preview to preview the customer portal where the customer can view their quotation, sign and pay it, and communicate with you.

Automatic payments

You can require the customer to set an automatic payment method and pre-pay the subscription’s first occurrence before they can confirm their quotation. To do so, go to the Other Info tab of the quotation and check the Payment option in the Online confirmation field.

If you leave Payment unchecked, the customer doesn’t have to pre-pay to start the subscription. This means that the payment is not automatic and that the customer must pay each invoice manually.


If the online confirmation requires a pre-payment, your customer can select only the payment providers that have the tokenization feature. This ensures that the customer is automatically charged at each new period.