Server Email action

What magic did you enter to get this far? I'm running OpenERP 6.1-1, and would love to get any emails, let alone duplicates...


I created a server action with the following conditions set:

i.e. none specified, so it should by rights, trigger on any action. I couldn't see one specifically for task "creation".


In the Actions tab, I tried setting up a server action:


This is a multi-action consisting of two child actions:


The server actions called both look much like this, the following is the first one (notify project supervisor):

The other one just uses instead as the email address expression.


Finally, there's the Email actions tab, which looks like this:


Is there something I missed? I don't see any emails generated by this server action. The SlideShare link uses the GTK client for some unknown version of OpenERP -- the menus shown look to be quite different to what I have which makes me suspicious that it's for 6.0 not 6.1 like I am using.

ilgate yet, but I want to give this option a chance of working first.

I might fork project_ma

Update: Seems that SlideShare link is definitely for version 6.0. That, or the trunk version of smtpclient (r5780 at time of this post) is hideously broken. I had to put two hacks into the view XML files (one to expose the "SMTP Servers" menu item, the second to allow the "Create" button on that view to work) before it'd let me try and add a SMTP server, then found clicking "Verify Server" does nothing.


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jeffery 2024年4月23日