Invoice issuance

In Point of Sale, you can issue and print invoices upon payment at the cash register or retrieve all the past invoiced orders.

Set a customer

First, you need to open a session and set your customer. Open the POS interface by going to Point of Sale ‣ New session ‣ Open session. Then, click Customer to access the list of customers.

customer selection and creation button

From there, you can either set an existing customer by clicking their name or create a new one by clicking Create. Doing so opens a customer creation form to fill in with their information. Click Save to validate and set this new customer.


  • You can also edit a customer’s information by clicking Details.

  • If you did not set your customer during the order, you can do so at the payment screen by clicking Customer.

Invoice a customer

Once an order is done, click Payment to move to the payment screen. Click Invoice underneath the customer’s name to enable issuing and printing invoices upon payment.

button to generate an invoice in POS

Select the payment method and click Validate. The invoice is automatically issued and ready to be downloaded and/or printed.

See also

Retrieve invoices

To retrieve invoices from the POS dashboard,

  1. access all orders made through your POS by going to Point of Sale ‣ Orders ‣ Orders;

  2. to access an order’s invoice, open the order form by selecting the order, then click Invoice.

invoice smart button from an order form


  • Invoiced orders can be identified by the Invoiced status in the Status column;

  • You can filter the list of orders to invoiced orders by clicking Filters and Invoiced.